Mike Leverton has been practising Karate since 1972.  He was first graded in 1973.  Mike trained in one of the local Barnstaple clubs with his first instructor being Gibson Towns, who at the time was the highest grade in North Devon.  This incidentally was a purple belt.

At this time the people from Barnstaple had to travel to Exeter for their gradings.  After spending 10 years in the Shotokan style he decided to broaden his knowledge and changed to Shoto Ryu.  He trained at Ilfracombe with Sensei Mike Culley.  In 1988 Mike decided after great lengths of discussion with his Sensei to start his own club.  Braunton Karate Club was born.

Mike has now become one of the country's most respected teachers of Karate. Sensei Leverton is a black belt seventh dan.

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